Monday, August 13, 2012

88/365 crystals

Ancient dwelling of frozen time.  Perhaps if you own a crystal, you were part of that time, too, and you've been reunited with a part of your long past.  Many stories and legends of sorts, about crystals, and their place in your life.  I've worked with crystals for 32 years, and had one really significant teacher, named, Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf.  I could see purple falling from a crystal she was infusing with color, and I was right on the money.
I've used crystals to take aways pain, both physical and mental and emotional.  Worked on Acupuncture points with and without needles.  Using the crystal to stimulate the needle, and indeed you could see the needle circling round as the crystal did.  That was confirmation of it's powerful energy field.
It is good to have a crystal that you can hold comfortably in your hand.  The crystal that is yours alone, and not to be used for healing, except of yourself.  Ultimately all healing is a healing of the self anyway. 
Look at the caverns and ledges in your crystals -- you were there.  Do you recognize anyone in there?  Everytime you look you'll see something new.

*A free-write is a type of automatic writing, where you just go with your stream of consciousness non-stop. There's no thought to spelling or grammar, and no editing of words. Supposedly this opens the mind up to greater creativity. They can be 5, 10 or 20 minutes long. Suggestions for freewrites are always welcome. Visit Evie, with whom I freewrite, at the space between colors.

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  1. Crystals are amazing and wondrous things.


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