Wednesday, August 22, 2012

97/365 shoes

I once did a parody of Desiderata, called Desideprada. , it was all about shoes.  I thouight it was pretty clever myself.
My friend's mother used to collect shoe ornamentals.  Porcelin shoes, shoes in all styles and colors.
You will never find more than a few pairs of shoes in my house.  I don't much like shoes.  The wideness o my foot prevents me from wearing the most stylish of shoes, and I am left with a poor selection.  Right now I own a pair of sandles, and  a pair of those rubbery things with holes in them, that I've forgotten the name of.
My sister used to be a shoe horse.  She liked strappy sandels, which looked great on her long lean legs.  But oft times she would try and squeeze into a 9, when she really was a 10.  Her feet are paying for it today.
I used to take pictures of my feet, sans shoes, wherever I went.  It was my thing---unlike shoes.

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