Saturday, November 26, 2011

no more leftovers

I am 2 days into eating my sister's Thanksgiving left-overs, and am finally finished.  I dropped the very last of the candied sweet potatoes on the floor, and boy, was I sad about that.

We had a very intimate table... me, my sister, niece, and my great-nephew.  My mother chose not to come, because she'd have to use her regular wheelchair instead of the motorized one, so we could pull her up the outside steps.  But she's only comfortable in her motorized chair.  She also feels like the holidays just aren't the same since my dad died, and so stays away.  We often bring the whole meal to her place, but that is getting to be much too much for my sister.

We spent a lot of time just being in awe of Logan and the adorable things he does and says.... he's trying very hard to talk, and does well at a lot of things, and it's just do frustrating (for us and him) when he says something that you just don't understand.

He is so loving towards me, it makes me want to melt.

He wasn't too big on eating the turkey dinner, and later on opted for mac & cheese.  Such are kids.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

coffee and sunrise

This morning I woke at 4am.  Then I saw my best friend, evie, come online at 5am.  She suggested we have coffee and watch the sunrise.  She lives across the hall from me, so she has an East view, whereas I get the sunset with the West view.  Evies windows don't open right now because she had to put a stick in the top to keep it from falling down.  We have pitiful windows in this apartment house.  They are double-paned, and not air-tight, so condensation builds inside of them, and the windows always look dirty.
I took this photo through one of evie's better windows.  Mind you, it is taken behind 2 panes of glass and a screen, so that's why it's not too clear.  So, for a change, here's today's sunrise.

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Hope you have a sunny day.

Friday, November 18, 2011

the weekend in black and white

I just found this blog, called The Weekend in Black and White.  Looks like a fun spot to find other photographer's blogs and such.
This is the picture I'm entering for this week's challenge. It was taken at the Museum of Modern Art.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

a tree grows in Brooklyn

(credit goes to my niece, Melissa, who took this on her phone)
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Monday, November 14, 2011

on following

I have a lot of followers, and I have never heard from the greater majority of them.  I do have a generous amount of blog followers who actually follow me, and let me know by commenting, and I'm really thankful for those of you who do that.  You know who you are.
I wonder about these quiet "followers", though.  Are they just following so their picture shows up on my blog, in the hopes that others will click on it?  I know some followers are actually people who have something to sell... so I think that's their motive.
Today I actually got a comment from a new follower.  That was a nice for a change.
The numbers lie, I think.  Ain't that many people following me!  But the numbers look good.  Oooh, I'm popular.  Yea, right.

And then there are those people whose blogs you comment on repeatedly and they never respond back in kind.  Do you get that?  I mean a little hello once in a while wouldn't hurt.

So thankful for those of you who DO say hello.

(a camper's shrine.,circa 1986, taken with a Canon AE2 film camera, Kodak Color Film)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

dark sky today

A cloudy and foggy day in Brooklyn.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

photographer's rant


I cannot set either the aperture or the speed on this P&S.  So, the camera automatically decides these, and is always dead wrong when it comes to my sunsets.  The speed is too slow, and since the camera is hand-held, I get complete blur. I don't own a tripod; the one I had broke long ago. There's even a "sunset" setting on this camera, but that doesn't seem to help much.

I feel a little naked...or rather, my blog seems a little naked without pictures of the sky, but as long as my good camera is out of commission I have little choice.  There will probably not be many sunset pictures to come, but I sure hope I can knock out a few.

Haven't been out to take any pictures at all, really.  Just a couple of Logan recently, no outdoor shots.  Came upon a red leafed bush outside my mother's house, but car service showed up to pick me up before I could get the camera out.  I felt funny to let the guy wait.  It was night, and I would've had to use the flash, but I would've loved to have captured the color.   There were also two more trees that turned yellow, the other gold.  I don't know the names of these trees, unfortunately.

So, photography has become something I'm not doing these days very much.  I hope it picks up soon, despite the lack of decent equipment.

(a picture from the past...I guess I could post those for a while) (click on it to view larger image)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

a visit next door

My friend evie's clan.  Sapphire (pictured twice), Sam, Cassie, and Kohlette.

Kohl, Sam and Sapphire asleep...

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