Saturday, August 18, 2012

93/365 theater

I always enjoy going to the theater, but I never really have a desire to go.  I've seen very few plays.  I usually go with my mother, who is in a wheelchair, and she gets tickets to matinees for like seven dollars.  I know she'd like to go more.
We saw Dracula once, that was an excellent play, with nice special effects, if I remember well.
In college, I took a theater class--Not acting, but behind the scenes type of stuff.  I was wardrobe mistress.  I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing, really, and no one was telling me.  I quit that and did something else, long before opening night.  The play was "Streetcar Named Desire".
My most memorable play (or maybe it was an opera) was Jesus Christ Superstar, when it was first on Broadway.  I stood at the backstage door afterwards, and who opened the door, but Christ himself, and I just cried because I was so touched.
And then there are movie theaters, which no longer deserve the name because they are small box-like room, and no longer a majestic theater.
I remember them in all their glory -- spacious, with marble statues (at the Loew's Oriental), with wide marble stairs leading down to the spacious bathroom (at the RKO Dyker).  They were grand.

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