Saturday, September 12, 2009

no new brew

Past 7am and I've been up a couple of hours. Just enjoying a cup of coffee. I can hear the seagulls making their way down to the water, for breakfast. Wonder what the fishing's like today.
There's nothing much to tell, though I've been away from current blogging for a while now. Yesterday's post doesn't exactly count as "current".

I've passed out a couple of times over the past month or so, and I have to see a cardiologist, and get an echocardiogram & carotid doppler, to get a definitive diagnosis. Since my sister went through the same symptoms last year, and was diagnosed with severe aortic stenosis (and underwent some serious heart surgeries) I am admittedly scared of the outcome. Also there is the nervousness of thinking I may pass out again. Mostly I can feel it coming on, so that helps a little (in the event I'm in the street, I'll know to sit on the ground before I go crashing). This has kept me a little bit more than distracted from things like blogs and online activity.

Creativity has suffered the brunt of this distraction, as well. For the most part, next to nothing is being produced.I hope this blocked period will pass soon. I was making a Halloween witch, but her head fell off her gourd body, and her hat cracked in two while curing. Poor ugly witch. I don't have much desire to repair her, as my attention span is wickedly short these days.


  1. Myth, I completely understand the instinct to be scared of the symptoms and their possible underlying causes, but truly knowing, and taking the steps to correct them is something I hope goes smoothly for you.

    BTW, I like your witch's crooked nose. Very fitting.

    My love to you, as always.

  2. Oh Barbara, I am sorry to hear you are not feeling well. All my healing energy goes out to you.

  3. Moment by moment stays the course. Deal with the information as it is given not before you know what is happening.

  4. Barbara, I hope God is taking good care of you. Don't be afraid to reveal your heart desire to him.
    I totally understand your situation.
    Do regular check up.
    I also go and see doctor once a week.

    It's lovely to hear the seagulls.

    Yeah, we all have block sometimes....Just refresh and be back soon.
    Don't be too long Barbara!

    As for me, I am just tire, I nee to sleep earlier nowadays!
    Bye and take extra good care.

  5. People have been know to pass out while staring at the sky. Maybe that's the reason. Will keep you in my thoughts.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Oh yes, Mr.C., I hope it's just all that sky gazing!

  7. Hello Barbara. Seeing from the Far East, there is it with a face like this lovely.

  8. needless to say... but... take care :)


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