Saturday, May 2, 2009

kreativ blogger award

This is my 100th post, and I'm happy to say that I have an award to show off. Tabitha, at knittingjourneymanredux has given me a "Kreativ Blogger Award". I'm supposed to tell about 7 of my favorite things, and then pass the award onto 7 other bloggers. Thank you so much, Tabitha!

So, let me think about my favorite things.... Hmmm.

1. Walking through the woods and picking up special little things.. flowers, pieces of wood and bark, stones and such. Its been a long time since doing that, but it ranks up there as a top favorite.

2. Cuddling with my cat, Little Guy. The other cat, Morrison, is still part feral, but just the other day he started letting me pet him, so that definitely deserves a place in my favorites.

3. Visiting, or being visited by my friend evie... just talking and sharing coffee, or creating things together, and always starting "new projects" for ourselves (we don't always complete them, but we love to start them!).

4. Visiting "Cups of Tea", a forum that's owned by a dear long-time online friend of mine who calls himself "Detes". It is always my pleasure to share with him, and the wonderful people who frequent his forum.

5. Being on the computer and reading so many varied blogs from so many creative people. I am often so inspired by the things I see and read!

6. Coffee!

7. Having something to write about in my blog!

The 7 people I want to send this award onto are:




WonderfulWire/Living with Walls


yoon see

Debi Minter

As I finish my 100th post, I want to thank everyone who reads along here. I appreciate the company of you fine folks!


  1. And we appreciate yours, too, Myth. Congrats on your award, and more importantly, on your 100th post here. I've always enjoyed reading you and knowing you via our various online haunts.

  2. Wow!Mucho thanks to you for sharing your creativity ~ many blessings to you ~ hugs and namaste, Carol (artmusedog)

  3. How nice! Thank you! I feel so fortunate to have found blogland and all of the wonderful bloglandians like you! Even Morrison agrees ;)

  4. How does one put this award onto their blog, Barbara ~ what am I missing? LOL Hugs and namaste, Carol (artmusedog)

  5. I just right clicked and saved it as a picture, Carol...then posted the pic. There was no link contained in it.

  6. Congratulations on 100 blog entries! That's quite a feat all in it's own. Thank you also for the award! It's such an honor for a beginner blogger like me. You are soooo kind in your comments and I treasure them!

  7. Sorry to drop by late Barbara.
    Thanks for this award and I am most honoured to receiving such beautiful award form the kindest friend that cross a thousand miles.....across the ocean and sky in different country.
    I really cherish the oppportunity to be friend with you.
    Dropping by to many bloggers' friend blog is my first love and interest. So happy to know you and let me go back to read your older posts when I am more free then.

    Fact 1:
    Creative with quite time into the wood (nature)-I love
    Fact 2:
    I love cats and dogs, I do pad and cuddle them with my heart and soul.
    I feed them and make them happy and they make me feel top of the world too:)
    Fact 3:
    Finding the right soulmate is one great joy.
    What more doing a project together.
    Fact 4:
    Wow! Forum is a good place to start discussion:)
    Fact 5:
    Inspirations come from many great people out there. Thanks to internet, we can pooling ideas, share resources and be thankful to be continual inspired by these great people.
    Fact 6:
    Coffee is my life too:)
    Fact 7:
    I have so much to share and I am glad you love want I am sharing Barbara.


Thank you for reading my blog, and spending some time with me... I am truly honored.