Tuesday, August 14, 2012

89/365 brooklyn

This place where I have lived all my life, except for a few months here and threre,   in Manhattan, and Lapland, Finland.  It is as familiar as the back of my hand.  Its many neighborhoods, of which have have visited many when I worked as a review nurse in the field.  Lots of inner city hospitals.  Generally poor groups of people.  I think there is a lot of poverty in Brooklyn, and and at the same time, there are very many wealthy inhabitants.
If someone is visiting Brooklyn, you've got to take them to Coney Island, to eat Nathan's famous original hot dogs, and maybe take a ride on the Cyclone, if you're willing.
There's the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for flower and plant lovers, and The Museum of Natural Historyy.
When I'm on the highway (well, when I had a car) I would always welcome seeing the Brooklyn sign, on my way back from somewhere.  I had made it home once again.
I never meant to stay in Brookyn all my life.  I thought I'd venture out to a few more states.  But everyone I know is here.  My family, my friends.  Well, some are at a distance, like Jim, but its always been that way.
The Brooklyn Bridge is a marvel to behold, and should definitely be on your lists of thing to see.  Including me!

Brooklyn Bridge


  1. Love that last photo - so crisp and clean looking!

  2. Brooklyn, my first introduction to The City. Take a right head up the East River and dock at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Always, even back in the wild early 70's, a trip to foray out from there to the rest of the place. Yeah just seeing the bridge floods the memories back.


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