Saturday, August 25, 2012

100/365 freewrite

So, here we are, doing another basic freewrite.  A supposed fluid stream of thoughts, when in fact I take great pauses.
I've done freewrites for stories.  Indeed, half my novel is a freewrite, having written over 75,000 words in one month's time.  No wonder it is hell to edit/revise.
This isn't really supposed to be about freewriting, per se, but I couldn't escape talking about them.
When we did the "morning pages", an exercise in  "The Artist's Way", it was basically a three page freewrite every day.  Wonder what all I had to say.  The Artist's Way -- never got through it entirely, I don't think.  Something about it bugged me.
It stormed today.  Good lightning and cracking thunder.  Rain came too.
I keep looking at the clock, hoping the ten minutes is up.  Observe the cat (Sapphire).  Thus are my mental pauses.

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