Thursday, February 28, 2013

theme day, cafe chairs

Over at Sydney Meanderings, I read about  March Theme Day, this month's theme being "Cafe Chairs".  These were taken in Brooklyn Heights, NY.

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my giveaway gifts

A while ago I mentioned getting some great giveaway gifts from friends in blogland, but I failed to show any pictures.  Well, I finally got around to taking some.
From Debra Ann at Gypsy in the Parlour, I got this great strawflower wreath, which I'm going to hang on the inside of my door, so I can admire it.

And from Tery, at
Willow Creek Studio, I received a few things... a wonderful inspiration book called "I Wish  You Enough", and a little wish angel to write my wishes on, and this wonderful Dreamcatcher book, which is beautiful on the outside, and has different colored pages on the inside.  It is for my hopes and dreams, or for my night dreams, whichever I choose.

Go visit these two blog friends of mine, you will be glad you did.

Monday, February 25, 2013

278-283 various free draws

old man

operating room


still life

Sunday, February 24, 2013

local smoke shop

A small smoke shop opened across the street from me.  It has everything from cigarette papers to huge hookah pipes, and water pipes of every size and color.  Here is a little tour of the store.
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late night ramble

Been up all night, and here it is, past 4:30 am already.  Been playing around on the computer , looking a photos... posted a couple for comments at the digital photography forum I frequent.  Rarely get many responses there myself, though I am an active participant.
Posted in two different threads... one just for showing off photos, so I put this one of Morrison

And this one, which I wanted more of a critique on, concerning composition and subject matter.

Have nothing new to show off, so I'm digging through old stuff.  So it goes.
I wish it was just a couple of hours later, and the Chock Full O Nuts shop was opened.  I want my coffee and blueberry muffin.

As you can see up top, there's a new page called The Mystery Box, and it's a project that me and evie are endeavoring to work on.  Every once in a while it will be updated, and if the update is worth anything, I'll probably note it here.  For now, there are been a couple of updates from when I first posted about it, and if you haven't read anything, the reading starts at the bottom of the page.  Clear as mud?  Well, anyway, check it out every once in a while to see what's going on.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

change of pattern

We (me and Evie) have around eighty-something days left until we finish the years worth of free-writes and free-draws we have tackled.  From now on I'll be publishing several drawings once a week instead of everyday.  I think a post every day has been too much at this point.  If we ever happen to do a free write again, that'll be published in a timely manner.
I hope to get some photography going on the blog.  It has been quite a while since I got outside with my camera... not at all this year yet.  And sunsets from my window have been less than inspiring.  Winter is like that.  But I've gotta get out and shoot something! Anything!
Don't forget that you can go to Evie's blog to see her drawings, too.  We may as well be embarassed together.  You can find a link to her on the right hand side, under My Blog List, at "a space between colors".

277/365 free draw, florist shop

Friday, February 15, 2013

274/365 free draw, supermarket

These free draws are getting more ridiculous as time goes by.  And we can't think of anything to free write about.  Anybody got any idea for either?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

just a ramble

January went by like a flash, and February is well upon us now.  I didn't feel well a good part of January.  Weak and out of sorts, and most of it was spent resting, and doing a lot of nothing.  February has found me coming alive a little.  Started out of necessity, with mom being in the hospial, I guess.  But other things came along after that, and slowly but surely my energy is coming back.  Also, I got all my medications which I've been without for the past month; this includes medical and psych meds.  All quite important to my well being.
We had a good snow storm overnight on friday.  Nemo was the name of the storm, I believe.  Dumped about 6 to 8 inches here, which wasn't nearly as bad as some of our northern neighbors getting socked with 2 to 3 feet.  I spent friday night at my mom's just in case the aide couldn't make it in in the morning (they had been predicting a possible foot of snow/blizzard conditions, which would've halted transit)... but she did make it, and I was able to go home again.
I haven't taken any photographs this month yet, save a few snapshots I took at the gathering for Melissa at the bar.  All pretty awful, 'cept for an okay one of her and JC.  Still, no getting out there to take pics.  Missing it big time.
I've been rolling my own cigarettes, and averaging a cost of $1.20 per pack.  Evie bought a cigarette rolling machine, and we buy pipe tobacco (only difference from cig tobacco is the cut... but cig tobacco has the big taxes), and cigarette filter tubes.  It's time consuming, but worth the savings.
The coffee house across the street is hiring, so I went in there one day when the owner was behind the counter, and said "I see you're hiring."  Right away, he said "Oh, no, not anymore."  I think he took one look at me and my age and decided against it.......only young people are the baristas, it seems.  Since then the sign has not been taken down, but placed more prominently against the counter.  Go figure.  I do believe I experienced ageism.
I got some nice surprises so far this year.  I won 2 giveaways online.  A beautiful strawflower wreath from Debra Anne  at Gypsy in the Parlour
And from Teresa Brouwer at Willow Creek Studios,
,   I received the lovliest dreamcatcher journal, and a lovely little book called "I wish you enough", and a handmade angel to write your wishes on.  I was really lucky!

The picture I like of Melissa and JC, even though it is using the dreaded on-camera flash, and lots of background distraction... can't win em all.

270/365 free draw, physical therapy dept.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

over 40,000 page views

Today I reached over 40 thousand page views!  Kind've astounds me..  Thanks for visiting!

267/365 free draw, a bar

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Melissa's 39th!

I've been remiss in posting my free writes/draws, but things have been a little hectic around here.  My mom had been admitted to the hospital on friday with a bad ulceration from a huge blister she had on her foot.  The doctor was afraid the infection might be to the bone, so she had to have a biopsy done, and happily the results showed that was not the case.  She was discharged yesterday, and we weren't able to resume normal  aide visits (12 hours a day) until this afternoon, so I was with her during the interim.
Also, on friday night there was a birthday bash for Melissa's 39th birthday, at a place called The Bean Post, in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.  Although tired from the day at the hospital, me and my sister were able to make the late night gathering at least for a couple of hours.
Here are me, my niece, Melissa, and my sister, Tree.