Tuesday, August 21, 2012

96/365 chains

I can't imagine being locked up in chains.  Heavy metal bearing down on you.  Certainly not a daisy chain.
But I am sure  I am locked by some of my own chains that prevent me from doing things.  Let's not get into that psychoanalysis right now.
Most of our chains must be in our mind, though. 
This is a hard topic to write upon.  Chains.  I have nothing to say about you.
OK, necklaces -- they are chains of sorts, and I used to love wearing necklaces (and rings)-- wouldn't be caught dead without it.  Now I go bare, and I don't quite know when that transition came -- perhaps when I was loading on the chains of the mind.
I loved making paper chains when I was a kid.  Cutting out construction paper, and gluing a ring with that school paste, which tasted good.

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