Wednesday, August 15, 2012

90/365 popcorn

I love popcorn sprinkled with salt and drenched in butter.  Your hands and mouth getting all greasy from the buttery goodness.
Popcorn is a staple at the movies, but nowadays you can spend more money at the concession stand than you did to get into the movies.
When I was in Finland, me and Jorma would share a bowl of popcorn almost every night, and watch t.v.  I'd melt the butter, pour on the salt.  One night he made the popcorn and used garlic powder instead of salt.  I promptly complained, which led Jorma to take the bowl of popcorn and dump it in the trash.  He was juvenile that way.  Getting sorely offended.  He did the same thing with a piece of fish I complained about, too.
I gave my mom a popcorn maker once.  She liked that a whole lot.
I like Orville Redenbaker's popcorn, or Paul Newman's.
In Coney Island they sell this pink popcorn that is so sweet and good.  It's sold out of a shop right outside the train station.
I also like Cracker Jacks, the popcorn with a caramel coating.  You don't see that in the stores too often these days, but when you do it's sold in bags, no boxes, and the prize inside always sucks.

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