Saturday, March 20, 2010


Great-nephew, Logan, at 14 weeks.

Smiling at grandma (my sister, Tree)...

and holding her hand.....

and playnig with Mommy (my niece, Melissa)...

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Tree, Melissa, and Logan

For much of my young life I idolized my sister. Being 6 years older, she was my greatest influence, and always the best of sisters, taking me places and interacting with me at all ages. As I became older, of course, we became peers, but there is always that big-sister/little-sister part of us that is soul deep. And we wear it well together, but don't wear it out. Most times when we are together we don't even need to talk, although we talk a lot... We also say the same thing at the same time over and over again, and it just cracks us up the way we are so in synch.

When my sister had her daughter (and only child; my Godchild), Melissa, I fell in love. I never had any children of my own, and this child had come from from someone I regarded so highly, and loved so dearly. Melissa taught me the truest emotion of joy and unconditional love. Through all her years we have grown together as Aunt and Niece, and as friend to friend. I'd like to think that I've had a positive impact on her life, and that I can continue to do so... I know that she has had that kind of impact on mine.

At 36 years of age now, and me, nearing 56, we are as tight as friends can be, and in my eyes, when I see her, I see decades of Melissa at one time.... from infancy to womanhood, and it fills me with a multi-layered melody of love that is hard to describe.

And now Melissa has had her baby, Logan. When I look into his face I can only feel love, like it's bubbling up within my chest, and I might bust at any minute. There is a smile within me that fills my whole body when I hold him. He comes from one I love so dearly, who comes from another I love so dearly. And dearly do I love him, too.

Friday, March 19, 2010

evening in bay ridge

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Monday, March 8, 2010

photo walk 2

Had the too short photo walk again today. I'm going to have to start going out on my own, that's for sure. We were supposed to shoot "signs" today, along with the theme from last week, of reflections and shadows. I strayed from the themes, of course. Really didn't take anything better than "snap shots" this time. It was kind of a boring walk. I've seen enough of my own neighborhood.

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Hopefully the next walk I make will prove to be a better one.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

feel these blues

A fine performance by Gary Moore.  (ESPECIALLY FOR YOU, SAN JOSE)

photo walk 1

I've recently acquired a new camera, finally upgrading to a dlsr (a Nikon D3000). I've joined a photography group that meets every monday, and yesterday was the first time we went out for a shoot. Didn't go to any place of great interest, just walked the avenue some. There wasn't much visual interest on my part. We were looking for "reflections", and later, added "shadows" to the mix. Being so early (11am) the shadows, and lighting, in general, was harsh and not conducive to good photography under any circumstances. The group only meets for one hour, but it is a chance to get out and go on walks with a creative intention. Today I shot mostly in Program mode, letting the camera figure out the settings. This feels like cheating to me, but I am not yet used to pulling up menus to get aperture and speed set on these digital cameras. I'm used to turning knobs and adjusting rings (when using my old nikon fm2, which is a fully manual 35mm). Now, I have info to read on a screen, and knobs to turn, buttons to press. It just seems more complicated to me. My brain is aging, what can I say?

Anyway... I wasn't at all happy with the images I collected, but I do want to have a little blog record of the photo group activities.

Some of the images I deemed halfway acceptable are below. I see that most of these were taken when I strayed from the theme of the day.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

full worm moon

The full moon woke me up.

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