Saturday, June 25, 2011

A blatant cry for help

I havent' made any dolls in a dog's age. I really miss making them. Here is a poem I wrote about dolls.

A Doll

Whether it is one you play with
or one you covet behind glass or
display upon pedestals ~~ a doll is

the one who knows you

Your light side, your shadows
the places you've traveled
within and without

Your secrets , your hopes.

Sewn with dreams, sculpted with visions,
welded and wired and painted and stuffed
with myriad worlds of your imagination

All the parts of you that need to live
to express
to weep and to howl, to dance with sheer joy

Are there, in a doll

The reason I haven't been making any dolls is because I can't afford to buy supplies.
I need polymer clay and embellishments and such. I'm on a fixed income, and each month there is nothing left over to splurge on supplies as I wish I could.

So... I am making a blatant cry for help to get supplies. Are there any of you out there who could help me, either by sending me supplies that you may have in excess, or contributing to my paypal account? My paypal address is
There is not anyway I can forsee continuing this art without asking for help, so here I am asking. I would be forever in your debt. Thank you to any of you who would even consider helping a poor artist to continue her craft.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

blog award from Carol

This lovely award was given to me by Carol, of ArtMuseDogs . Please take time to visit her creative and inspiring blog. Thank you, Carol!

The idea of this award is that you have to tell 15 things about yourself (not an easy task, let me tell you), and then pass the award (and the rules) onto 4 other people. I know a lot of people don't accept awards, but I hope to find some who do. Have fun with this!

The award recipients are:


Blissful Bohemian.

Stephanie's Photography.

Shuttering Heights.

Now, here's 15 things about me:
1. I have 2 tattoos (both of wolves)
2. I have a sister who is 6 years older than me, and everybody says we look like twins.
3. I lived in Lapland,Finland for 3 months back in 2006.
4. When I was in my twenties I used to go skinny-dipping.(even though I was never skinny.)
5. I'm obsessed with taking pictures of my great-nephew, Logan.
6. I'm also obsessed with taking pictures of sunsets. (as if you didn't know).
7. I love to be in the woods.
8. I've studied Shamanism and have had many good journies.
9. I like to smudge my house with sage and cedar.
10. I smoke cigarettes.
11. The Wolf is my spirit animal.
12. I get along with Crows.
13. I once had a baby blue jay named "Blue", and he was rehabilitated and set back into the wilds of Central Park, near Belvedere Castle.
14. I miss my father.
15. I'm thankful for my mother.

Friday, June 10, 2011

melting in the city

It was blazing hot and humid yesterday, reaching about 95F, with a heat index of 102. The air quality was poor, and I could feel that in my lungs, making it harder to breath. The ac was working all day in the bedroom, so I holed myself up in there. Come evening the compressor wouldn't kick in again, so I was without air. Came into the living room here at about 4:30 am when I couldn't take the heat in the bedroom any longer. It was a little fresher in here, the morning air at about 72, and there was a coolness to it.

I only like hot weather when I am up in the country, surrounded by trees, and preferably by a wide running stream. But in the city, as you know, I can't stand it.

I am having a lot of trouble leaving comments for certain bloggers. I know Blogger is to blame, but it is making me very annoyed now. There have been quite a few of you who I've wanted to leave comments for, but it was impossible.

5pm now, and 85 degrees with high humidity. Would be nice if a thunderstorm passed through, but there's only a slight chance of that. Perhaps I should bang my drum to beckon the Thunderbeings.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday, June 5, 2011

last night

Before and during the sunset.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

sunrise for a change

I went to the roof this morning, unable to sleep, to catch the sunrise for a change. I am always shooting sunsets, since I have a West facing window, so I thought I'd do something a little different. But sunrise or sunset, they look quite similar, except for the puffy pink clouds which seem distinctive of sunrises.

Just as the sun was rising, my camera seemed to go on the fritz, and wouldn't change its f-stop or speed. The battery was low, so I figured that was the problem. When I got downstairs, I realized I had accidently moved the knob to one of the automatic settings, instead of my usual manual setting. A stupid mistake that I should have noticed right away. Oh, well, missed the full sunrise; maybe some other time.

Here is some very early morning light.

Hmmm, when I try to go to my dashboard, to add this new post, I get an error message... again... I have been trying to get there on and off throught-out the night/morning, and have been having trouble. Same goes for getting to my blog. Definitely a blogger issue that I hope they straighten out soon.

Afterall... I want to post my sunrise pictures in the morning!

Aaron O'Connell: Making sense of a visible quantum object | Video on

Aaron O'Connell: Making sense of a visible quantum object Video on

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

welcome june and sapphire

I can't believe it's June already. Time goes faster every year.

It feels like August, though. Temps were in the 90's today, with heat indices near 100°.

The bedroom a.c. decided to die last night, which made for little sleep. But then, this afternoon, it seemed to be working again. I have the living room one on now, with a fan, too, and I'm pretty comfortable in here. Past 9pm now, still 85°, feels like 89°. I am not a happy camper.

My friend, evie, adopted another cat from the animal rescue. This little girl is a beauty, and so sweet. Only 4lbs right now, but they say the female Balinese averages 5-6 lbs., and is the most petite of all breeds. She is a Seal-Point Balinese. Welcome, to Sapphire Skye!

click to enlarge