Thursday, August 2, 2012

77/365 clouds

Clouds are part of my camera eye.  Always looking for great clouds.
Take time to contemplate a cloud, I always say.  It is a good thing to do.
I love dark looming clouds, where the sky might turn yellow, and you know that rain is on its way.  I have always had an affection towards rain clouds, since I was a kid.
The big puffy white ones are fun to look at, and see what you may see -- a dragon perhaps, or a face.  A bird in flight.
Flying above the clouds is a nice turnabout.  Looking down on a blanket of clouds.
In my novel, Octavia, the main character, is told she has "cloud eyes" -- the shapes of clouds in her irirses.  I've seen eyes like that.


  1. 1) War Clouds

    2) Clouds of desert shifting sands

    3) Giving Birth

    I like most clouds too. Especially them that send bullets of rains.

  2. Beautiful cloud shots! I love clouds too!

  3. lol. clouds comes in many shapes. :)

  4. Hi there - I really like that first picture. There is some much going on I don't really know where to look!

    Cheers - Stewart M


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