Sunday, August 12, 2012

87/365 concerts

My first concert was when I was ten years old.  The Beatles at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, NY.  It's a rather intimate setting for a stadium.. not like Shea Stadium where I would see the Beatles again.  At both concerts I just remember crying because I was so happy, and the screams of all the fans drowned out any Beatles music at all.
Over the years I have been to many concerts -- seeing Neil Young is one of my favorites.  Saw him at The World, which was a small place in the city, and I was right in front of the stage.  That was the best.  He has the nicest legs, or at least looked that way in his patched up jeans.
I took Melissa to see her first concert at Carnegie Hall, to see Tracy Chapman.  We had 8th row center seats, on the floor. 
I've seen a couple of concerts at Carnegie Hall.  Once, way up in the seats off the balconey, to see Donovan, years after his time.
There were years when Melissa was a teenager, when I got her many concert tickets, and went along with her.  Skid Row opened for Aerosmith 3 nights over a week, and we were at each show.  Staying just for Skid Row on the 3rd night.


  1. My first was Cat Stevens small 3000 seat venue in Detroit 11/71. My last was Santana and The Stones 7/28/79...yeah there were more than a few in between.

  2. My first concert was thanks to your family. You took me with you to that Beatles concert at Shea Stadium and my memory of it is the same as couldn't hear them because of all the screaming. Since that time, I've seen The Jacksons, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi, and a few others. Haven't been to one in ages. Wait, that's not completely true. I've been to see a Scottish band called Runrig, about 3 years ago, and several bagpipe bands in recent years. Ahh, the sound of pipes up close has convinced me that angels don't play harps in Heaven. They surely must play the pipes! lol


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