Thursday, August 23, 2012

98/365 vision

My vision decreases every year; something tht I find very troubling.  So far I only wear glasses for reading and computer, but I am a step away from having to wear them all the time.
Vision.  In Chinese Medicine, the Liver meridian "opens" to the eye.  Disease can have to do with vision on mnay levels, both visual and concerning the vision of one's life.  I am not explaining it well, perhaps.
I had a dream vision once where Wolf came to me repeatedly, right in my face, and it was that night that I got my spirit name, Running Wolf.
Also, when I heard the voices in Cuyamaca that day, I "envisioned" two brothers up on a hill, talking.
I should perhaps give myself an acupuncture treatment in order to widen the scope of my life vision, because right now I don't have much of one.

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