Friday, August 10, 2012

85/365 motels

When I think of motels, I see out of the ways places deep in the countryside.  The Shady Rest Inn, and places with names like that.
My mother told me this funny thing once... about how motel said backward is "Let em"  Made me laugh.
I am most familiar with motel rooms up in the Catskill mountains.  Neat effeciency types.
I remember the gleaming pine of a motel I stayed at with my sister and niece, in New Mexico-- or was it
Durango, CO.  My memory fails me.


  1. motels! reminds me of when The Mister & I moved back home with our respective parents to 'save' & the motel in town became our home away from home... happy thoughts ;-)

  2. Hi there - I cant help but tell you that Race Car backwards is Race Car!

    Stewart M - Australia


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