Monday, August 20, 2012

95/365 angels

I'd like to think that there are angels among us.  Once, when my friend Carol and I were fairly lost in a bad part of town, looking for a lot where her car was towed to, we came upon a man and asked directions.  Follow me, he said, and we walked behind him.  Past Linden Blvd., which is always teeming with cars, but today not one was around.  There were no people around either.  He brought us to a spot where he directed us the rest of the way, and walked down the block.  I turned to say "God bless you.", and he was gone.  The traffic started up, and people were around then.  Later, when me and Carol got home, we started talking about the man.  She mentioned him wearing a baseball cap, and I had seen him in another type of hat--one that my father would have worn--indeed he was dressed as my father might be.  To her, he was dressed much like her late husband.  It was an odd set of events, and we decided we must've run into an angel that day.
I believe in angels, and I think their role in life is to come and help us.  So call upon the angels. They're waiting.

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  1. The spiritual creatures we have named angels exist and I have always assumed that when they want or are directed to can appear in a physical form,


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