Thursday, August 9, 2012

84/365 prayer

I believe one shoud conjure up a general prayer for oneself, and place it in your heart.  There you can experience the whole of it, and have only to look to your heart in order to be praying.  This always prayer can go on in the blink of an eye, at any time.
I have this prayer of the heart.  It should always include a prayer of thanks.  Whether you are praying to your God, or Goddes, or you higher self, prayers can have a place in your life, and in your heart.
I read a wonderful book once, called The Power of Prayer.  Good reading.  It lifted me up when I wa in a very dark place.
A lot of times on the internet, you'll see people asking for prayers, for themselves or for loved ones.  It's best to send out that prayer as soon as you read it, lest you forget.
My prayers are for my friends and family to be happy and whole, healthy, and to stay out of harm's way.  A prayer of thanks for getting me to this day in time.


  1. I know that the one who created this whole shebang hears us when we call, but every time I try to get all holy and shit with that being the reply is always "stop it dumbass I know what you need and who needs me we'll be there at the right time. So how was lunch..." or some such conversation.

  2. I say a little prayer of thanks every time I mother nature provides me with breathtaking beauty. Which is everyday if you know where to look. It makes me smile and enlightens my soul.


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