Sunday, January 10, 2010

meandering last night

I get out of bed after having slept a couple of hours, then sit here at the computer, perusing links and reading blogs. A lot of what I read has to do with opening to new creative inspiration ... people discovering a new writing style, or a sudden yearning to draw or paint. It also has to do with opening to new psychological and philosophical insights.. wanting to learn of different spiritual paths, and delving into holism, embracing the Goddess, or Buddha, or Jesus. Many different people with myriad things bringing them forth into their lives. Then there are some elders, who've walked the path of the creative or the spiritual, and offer teachings, in their own ways, or show the results of their own learnings, through words or pictures or songs, or other forms of the creative. What a varied, yet often the same, tapestry.

It's nearly 4am. I pull up my blog on a separate window, so I can listen the music as I write. It soothes me.(Yet I've decided to remove the music, because it's getting rather repetitive, and I can 't figure out how to change/add songs!) The radiator is hissing. Not the best sound, but at least there's heat coming up. It's 16°F/-8°C; pretty cold for these parts, I'd say, but probably not for some of you Canadians out (up) there.

Time to try sleeping.


  1. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are fine Barbara.
    Please forgive me. I haven't been here for some time.

    I can feel how you feel, sometimes I also have the same encounter. Hope you get better yeah:)
    Pls. write to me, this is my email.
    Thank you again Barbara!

  2. Barbara, I see you mentioned me in the post indirectly. The drawing/painting aspect. I am finding myself reading more blogs of late. It is a new year, for new beginnings. Nice to read you and love your photo!!The art gallery I have recently become a member of, is going to allow me to sell my photo cards there. :-))

    Hope you got some sleep.

    Hugs, Step

  3. I don't know if that is an altar in your picture or more a collection, but it is lovely and make me feel so peaceful! What ever did we do before we could share the lives of others and share our lives with them via our blogs?

  4. Sometimes I don't sleep and now it seems I need to listen to only music with no words. Seems the other gets on my nerves after awhile. I'm glad you visited my blog and I always enjoy visiting yours.
    I guess the tapestry of life is ever changing and yet still the same.

  5. I see crystal possessing mysterious power.

    There may be a magical power to brush off the chill of New York.

    The Far East is a season to enjoy chilliness.

  6. Love the photo in the beginning ~ is that a type of "house altar?" ~ Blog on ~ hugs & namaste, Carol (artmusedog)

  7. I guess you could say it is a type of house alter, yes.

  8. Sounds like you had a delicious moment writing...don't you love that? In the earliest part of the morning when the world is quiet...

  9. I wish I had the discipline to rise early and do something productive. I know some of the best writers and photographers treasured the silence of the early hours. I like the soft browns in this shot, and the way the light of the candles can be seen in the soft ambient lighting of the room. There is a wonderful sense of calm in this photo.


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