Friday, August 17, 2012

92/365 drugs

Behind my computer area, there is a shelf lined with all the drugs I take.  Stuff for hypertension, high cholesterol, GERD, depression, anxiety, asthma.  I don't know what the hell they all do to my system once they all get in there together.
But these drugs are necessary, and they level out things that weren't so level to begin with.
Then there are recreational drugs, as they call them.  I have done some of these when I was younger, and don't regret any of my experiences with them.  Today, I am still known to light up a joint now and then.  I don't really consider it a drug, just a really nice herb.
I have administered many drugs when I was a nurse.  Demerol shots in the ass to thankful recipients, valiums for the ones who can't sleep.  It seems a great deal of nursing is taken up with giving out drugs.  Such is the medical profession.  The only way they know how to treat disease.  Well, not the only way, but it's a major component.
I prefer a more holistic approach myself.


  1. Live better chemically is what they say. Or is it reality is for people who can't handle drugs? I can't remember. Excuse me while I take a toke.

  2. Be careful with medications, use only the most necessary.
    Regards, Wout


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