Sunday, August 19, 2012

94/365 tarot

I spread out the Tarot cards, and chose three.  One to represent my current situation, and the others to show the past and the future.
In my present day card, I got the ten of wands, showing someone carrying a heavy load of wands, but still the wooden wands showed some new leaf growth, so that bode well for the person carrying the burden.
In the past was the nine of Wands.  More of a warrior spirit.
In the future it showed The Empress -- symbolically the mother.  Shows the possibility of giving birth to a whole new realm of creativity.
It has been a long time since reading the Tarot cards.  I am very good at it, unless I'm reading for myself, then I get a little stuck.  Sometimes I think I should read Tarot for money.  Maybe go to the local coffee shop, and try to start something there.  I don't know if I have the balls to do that.  It's an idea, though.
There are so many different types of Tarot decks.  I'm used to the old Rider-Waite deck, but sometimes reading other decks can be cool.  I have a woman's tarot deck.  The cards are round.  I don't much enjoy using them.

The Empress
(Aquarian Tarot)

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