Sunday, June 7, 2009

full strawberry moon dreamboard

Looking out into the spirit of the night
into the power of the moon
I am a crone sitting on the edge
of the moon
I am a woman, embodiment of reception

The Spirit lay before me, lay under me
above and beside
I am wrapped in this strawberry moon
In view of many beauties,

The Medicine Wheel spinning with my dreams,
parts of a rainbow, a journal, a camera
the many moons behind me
and today's moon
for now

My vision is simple, but filled.


  1. It's lovely, Myth. At first it seems fairly sparse-- not one of those completely full collages where you can hardly see the background at all. But the images it holds contain so much beauty, intent, and meaning that there really isn't room for anything else.

    I haven't a clue how you compile these dreamboards, but they're gorgeous.

  2. i barbara,
    Happy Sunday to you:)
    Wow! Lovely and you must spent some quality time on this.
    Coincidently, I also illustrated the moon.
    What do your dream board means?
    Reading the sky!

  3. What a beautiful dreamboard, Barbara. There's a lot of heart in there. May your dreams find their way to you.

  4. Great idea to add a dream catcher to your board. It looks like the figure is casting out her vision in the light of the moon and the dream catcher is positioned to catch them all. Lovely.

  5. Your dreamboard is full of simplistic beauty. I love the images you chose for it.

  6. Such Delectable dreaming! Merry Full Moon!~*
    Much Joy and Many Blissings--

  7. gorgeous color!
    that which you wish for, i wish for you also!

  8. so bright and bold! with room to breathe.

  9. What a delicious dream board and powerful poem! Simple, yet filled with energy! :)May this full moon bring you all you seek. :)

  10. WHOA! Your board completely blew me away with its incredible simple beauty.

  11. I hope this moon cycle brings you all you dream of and more. :)

  12. Beautiful image. Both visually and with words.


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