Thursday, August 16, 2012

91/365 wrinkles

I am of an age when wrinkles are expected, but I don't really have that many.  My mother, who will be 85 this month, doesn't have that many either.  Mostly there is the sagging of the face and neck--the eyelids drooping a little more , the jowels more prominent, the hint of a waddle at your neck.
People who live out in Arizona and New Mexico seem to wrinkle a lot more from all the sun.
I think of that dog, the Shar Pei, whose wrinkles are tremendous.
I prefer to think of the lines at the corners of my eyes as laugh lines, not wrinkles.
This moment is just a wrinkle in time.
My clothes are kind of wrinkly.  I'm not one to iron that often, though I try to "press" things out when I fold them. Works good enough to my liking most of the time.
Wrinkles in the bed sheets often reveal a good night with a lot of romping in the hay, or a bad night revealing a restless night's sleep.

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