Friday, July 3, 2015

an old friend

When I was 16, I was in my Junior year of High School.  On the first day of classes we would fill out delaney cards, which the teacher would refer to when getting to know the student's names.  Mr. Thompson, my World History teacher, said we could put down a nickname if we wanted, too.  I turned to the girl sitting behind me... small with very long dark hair and  eyes.  "What would be a good nickname for me?" I asked her.  "Sunshine!" she said, her smile beaming.  I was known throughout the rest of my high school days by that bright name, and become life long friends with the young woman who gave it to me; Amelia.  It is a friendship that has now lasted over 45 years, and even if we don't see each other for months, we take up right where we left off, and there is no love lost, only gained.
Today I visited with her, along with my sister, niece and great-nephew.  Her daughter, Mia, and new grandson, James, were also there.
The pic of me and Amelia is unfortunately pretty blurry (hey, I didn't take it!), but I'm glad to have it.

Amelia, an artist, gave Logan art supplies to play with.  He kept himself quite busy.

Mia, and sweet baby James at 6 months.