Thursday, July 19, 2012

63/365 death

"The death of one is the death of us all."  I cannot recall who said it.
The Native Americans call dreaming, "the little death".  So I imagine death may be the big dream.
Some deaths I've experienced of people close to me have affected me.  My father's death, it goes without saying, was the most traumatic of all.  My guardian and my best friend, my mother's husband, my sister's father, my niece's grandfather -- all these men dying in one instant, during a dream, hugging his pillow.  After seeing him and spending hours with my mother and sister before the coroner came, I drove home--And I always remember it as driving in the rain, but in reality it was my eyes that were raining.
I had a friend in first grade, her name was Jane.  She died that year from Leukemia.  It was so strange having her gone.
The death of John Lennon was a big blow to me, and I cried on and off for days because of it.  Surely that was the death of us all.
I do not welcome death, and having my loved ones mourn my death.  But I imagine it is a journey to someplace better; my own piece of heaven, like that book, what's the name  "5 people in heaven" I think.
I would like to think I'd be reunited with my dad when it happens.

the Rovaniemi cemetary, Lapland, Finland

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  1. Death the greatest fear of humanity and the one inevitable because you can always as the wealthy have shown not pay taxes. I think '06 was the worst year for me my mom passed that year but she was one of 9-6 were suicides. I will go with the Shinto idea that for as long as there is someone on this side who remembers their ancestor that memory keeps them alive.

    Personally I can not fear what I can not control and there is much more than just death, that is more immediate, that I can not control.

    I think though our generation saw way to many of our iconic figures murdered in America than was healthy for us to not have a twist on our sense of death and dying.


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