Monday, July 23, 2012

67/365 pens

I am writing with a G-Knock Pilot 0.7, a gel pen, which are the types that have been to my liking for the past several years.  But now I may need something with a little more drag, as this pen seems to move too quickly for me.
I have always loved pens, and ran countless of them dry, writing in my journals.  The feel of the ink upon the page, oh so important to the task.  The texture of the pages of equal importance.  Thousands of pages filled, and oh so many pens emptied.
I remember writing with ball points in school, the ink dripping out through the hole, and staining my hands.  My hands were always speckled with blue.


  1. AnonymousJuly 23, 2012

    If you like gel-type pens you may like one I frequently use! I get this particular pen at Staples, an office supply store close to where I'm from, and I love them! They are the "Uni-ball Signo" gel (clicky) pens, and they come in black ink. They have the regular black version and a, in my opinon, nicer breast cancer awareness pink version. I hope you try them out! I love them! :) I hope you're doing well and keeping creativity alive! :)

  2. Barbara I wish I could agree with you but that blue stain on the pocket from the pen was just another reason for the Nuns to get all cheesy about my sloppy habits. Thank God they put me in a typing class...I still don't type well but I do not have ink on my shirt pockets either.


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