Wednesday, July 25, 2012

69/365 hospitals

I worked in a hospital for quite a number of years.  First in the Medical Library, which was a great job, from 1 to 9pm, with supervisors leaving at 5.  I got to know all the doctors and medical students, and developed a deep interest in the field, in general.  Then, for years in the medical records department, working in the Tumor Registry.  There was no registrar, so I was the whole department, so to speak, and I had my own office.  That was cool.  During that time I went to school for nursing, and became an RN.  My work on the floors only lasted a couple of years, I couldn't handle the pressure.
Later in life, doing Utilization Reviews in the field, I traveled to an extraordinary amount of hospitals.  Dozens all around the 5 boros.  They are all so much the same, except for their gift shops, which can be fun to peruse.
I've known my mom and dad to be in the hospital many times when I was younger.  I did an awful lot of hospital visiting back then.
Most recently, I waited with a friend in the emergency room while she got worked up for a possible stroke.  They make you wait interminably long hours.

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