Monday, July 16, 2012

60/365 figures

Never blessed with anything that would pass for a good figure, I have made due all my life with thick legs, not a common sight, really.  I have never had a problem with wearing bathing suits, though, except for now, as I'm older, and things just don't stay up anymore.
The figures of some runway models can be so excessively thin, it's like watching a walking eating disorder.  So much has been said about how detrimental these visuals (on tv, in magazines) can be to young girls, I can't add a new twist that you haven't heard.
I used to make a more than adequate five figures when I was a nurse.  That was nice.
There are the figures of Picasso, eyes peeking out from where you'd least expect.  The plump figures of Rubens, making me smile, or Gorman with his earlier women, always so large in stature.  Women I could relate to.

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