Thursday, July 12, 2012

56/365 sunsets

Sunsets are so much part of me that they are hard to describe.  My description always comes in the form of a photograph, which hopefully does it due justice.
The title of my blog is more or less based on sunsets.
The sunsets in Santa Fe, New Mexico, were deep red, making the mountains bleed in the distance.
In Lapland, the sunsets when I first got there in May, were brief, the sun just dipping beyond the horizon for a couple of hours, and then, as summer wore on, it did not set at all.  Too much light.  The camera capturing blue sky and puffy white clouds.
My camera holds the deep yellow of a sunset before or after it rains.  I love when the sky turns yellow.
Then there is the beauty of inky blue clouds blooming in the sky, with the last rays bursting out from some small space.
Clouds etched in gold at the end of the day.
My windows face West, and I'm on the top/6th floor of my building, so I get a clear view of the sunset each evening.  This is where I take my pictures from, peering through the living room window.

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  1. You are lucky to view your sunsets from your window.

  2. Wonderful photos! And I enjoyed your blog on fireflies. I remember being delighted seeing fireflies in the evening when I was younger, but don't see them so much anymore. Are they, too, victims of all the pesticides we dump on farmland and countryside? Do they still exist in the city?


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