Saturday, July 28, 2012

72/365 t.v.

I watch television everyday.  It is a mindless pastime.  Sometimes in the morning I will watch these inane shows like "Maury", to see if the 'baby daddy' is truly the father.  Lots of low life people on these shows, and that they would choose to expose themselves like that amazes me.
T.V. was better years ago, when they'd have all the good old movies on, with Bette Davis and James Cagney, and John Garfield.  I don't have cable, but maybe you can catch those kinds of movies on there, I don't know.
I remember, as a teenager, watching the Late Late Show, which was a movie channel.  I'd be up at 3am when my father, the baker, would get up to go to work.  I'd fix him a cup of coffee, and tell him what I'd been watching.  Those were some special moments.
These days I join evie at her house to watch Big Brother on sundays, wednesdays and thursday nights.  It's good for a lark.
I watch tv on Hulu, also.  Mainly episodes of Hell's Kitchen and the top chef one I've forgotten the name of.  I tend to forget when they're on tv, so I catch them on Hulu.

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