Friday, July 27, 2012

71/365 mattresses

My own mattress is over twenty years old, and as you can imagine, has seen better days.  Springs are popping out of it.  It is not a place of rest at all, but I can't afford a new one.
How could I remember the mattresses I've slept on in a lifetime, I do not know.  Not many of them made an impression, except for Jorma's mattress, which was ultra comfortable, and I think it mustve been one of those temperapedics.  It was a pleasure. 
I remember the futon me and Steve had when we lived together.  May as well be sleeping on a rock, more or less.
I sat on a waterbed one.  I don't think I like my mattress moving under me.
When I visited evie in San Diego/National City, there was a blow up bed for me.  I blew it up with a fine young man named Jack Miller, and we got to test it out right nicely, too.  Those were the days.
I keep seeing these commercials for Raymor and Flanigan mattresses.  Sure wish I could sleep on one of them.
Come morning, when I've finally reached a deep sleep, I don't much mind my ancient mattress.

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  1. I sleep on a futon mattress, I'd sleep on the floor but the dog sheds too much.


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