Sunday, July 1, 2012

45/365 candles

In church (I was brought up Catholic) the candles burn in several sections.  Little red holders, dozens of them, holding flickering candles.  Often, I have lit those candles for someone, including a cat once, who was very sick.
I would like to hve the type of house where candles were lit at different levels in the room.  But my surfaces are already filled with other stuff, it seems.  May be time to switch it up.
The fragrance of candles when they are scented is so warming.  Nothing like entering a room that smells like lilacs or tangerines.
Candles in those red mesh holders that every restaurant used to use -- it did create a nice glow between two lovers.

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  1. Candles are nice. I have a collection of some nice oil lamps. Same thing I guess.
    Barbara, come over to my place and look at the video of some really incredible mobiles. I think you will like them.


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