Thursday, July 26, 2012

70/365 rainbows

When I traveled out west, on a bus, I came across some of the best rainbows I have seen in my life.  A lot of the land is flat, and the sky big.  Double rainbows loomed over corn fields in Kansas, and you could almost hear Dorothy singing.
There was a shop in Woodstock, many years back -- wonder if it's still there.  It was called The Rainbow Shop.  I still have a couple of things I bought there.  A wooden rainbow, which hangs on my bedroom door, and a book all about rainbows and color.  The pages are rainbow colored.
I have seen a few rainbows right here in Brooklyn.  Rainbows brighten any day.
My most magical rainbow sighting has to be the one I saw in Finland, during midsommer.  It was half past midnight, and of course the sun did not fully set.  But seeing a rainbow at midnight is something else.

midnight rainbow

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  1. you are inspiring me to do a writing! thank you.
    such a lovely rainbow image and post ~

  2. Two things I know first hand about rainbows.

    1) They do not hurt when they land on you

    2) That whole pot of gold thing is pure Celtic fabrication.


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