Saturday, July 7, 2012

51/365 incense

I remember walking into "head" shops, back in the day, and being engulfed by the heady smell of incense, usually cherry, or sandlewood or jasmine.  I'd look through the small boxes of beads in the shop, and buy a bunch to make "love beads."
Today I buy incense if I happen to come across it.  I have two types at home -- lavender, and cappucino, neither of which smell too much like their names.
My favorite incense over the years were little triangle pieces, with fragrances like "Rain" and "Snow".  Their smokey plumes creating a whole new atmosphere in my bedroom.
Incense burned to cover up the smell of reefer.

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  1. It's good now to be too old to care about whether the smell of weed hangs in the air or not. *shrug* I smoke outside now anyway. It just mixes with everyone elses scence anyway.


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