Sunday, July 8, 2012

52/365 watercolor

My friend does lovely watercolors, transparent colors that blend beautifully with each other.  I am just a novic when it comes to watercolor, but I like to play.  I fill the pages with colors that I see, not necessarily the same as the colors of things themselves.  When I did a watercolor of Jorma in Finland, his face and hair were shades of orange and yellow.  "You see me in those colors?" he asked.  And so I did.
Watercolor reminds me of coloring eggs at Easter, since that water changes color.  Pinks and blues and reds and yellows, in clear glass cups, waiting to change the eggs into something festive.

*A free-write is a type of automatic writing, where you just go with your stream of consciousness non-stop. There's no thought to spelling or grammar, and no editing of words. Supposedly this opens the mind up to greater creativity. They can be 5, 10 or 20 minutes long. Suggestions for freewrites are always welcome. Visit Evie, with whom I freewrite, at the space between colors.

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