Sunday, July 22, 2012

66/365 teachers

There must be names to be named.
Mr. Knutsen, 7th grade history teacher, who taught about Hinduism, Taoism, so many isms -- and taught me to appreciate the middle way.  As I may say.  Today.
Then there was Mr. Halpern, maybe 9th or 10th grade, who had I write autobiographies, which he in turn would save for 10 years, if we chose to come back and read them.  I never did, but it impressed me tht he'd keep these many tomes of student's work.
My mother and father and sister, the greatest impact of teachers right there.  What you're borne into, if you're lucky, can teach you.  Even if you're unlucky, you learn, however sadly.
Jim was one of my teachers on the road.  My brother in spirit.
It is not often teachers present themselves outside of school and family.
Leibowitz, who taught me the importance of verbs, and so much more.  College days -- a few good teachers there -- Pat Passlof, Daniel Fuchs, Bertha Harris.
There must be names to be named.

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