Wednesday, July 18, 2012

62/365 dogs

I had a dog named Sandy when I was a kid.  She was part Golden Retriever, most likey, and part collie maybe.  She found my family while we were walking through the woods, on our way back from a doll-maker's shop.  My parents warned "be careful", but is soon became obvious this dog was very friendly.  I was seven years old, and loved her immediately.  She would not leave our side. We went back to the efficiency cabin my parents were renting, and she came along inside.  She jumped up on the bed, and lay her head on the pillow, and sighed a deep sigh.
We didn't know holw old she was, maybe 2 years, and my parents question around to see if anyone owned her, but came up with nothing.
Not wanting to bring a dog home, really,  my parents left her at the motel grounds, and took us kids to the Catskill Game Farm, to distract us from leaving the dog.  On our way back home, we had to pass the motel again, and my mother said "If she's there, we'll take her home."
And there she was, waiting for us, on the step in front of the unit we'd rented.
"Come on, girl, come on!"
In the car she jumped, and blessed our home for the next ten years.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 18, 2012

    I remember Sandy. She was such a sweet tempered, friendly dog with a beautiful, loving face. I never knew the story of how she came to your family though and am glad you shared it.

  2. And I remember King, your dog. He bit my ass once when I ran down the stairs, and I was black and blue for weeks! LOL.

  3. AnonymousJuly 19, 2012

    You just made me laugh. Not because you got bit, but, the way you described it. King had this "thing" about him. He'd let people in but sometimes wouldn't let them out again. Especially if you ran down the stairs. It was almost as if you challenged him. I also remember, because we were young and friends, our dogs were, for awhile, boyfriend and girlfriend. And I still have that card for you, written by your Dad, from a time your family went on vacation and I "babysat" Sandy. It'll be a short while before I can get to it because we had a house fire in December and half my things are stored, who knows where (taken away by a company working for the adjustor) and half are stack in piles at my daughters house.


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