Tuesday, July 24, 2012

68/365 freewrite

This freewrite is supposed to be just that, a freewrite, w/o any subject to conform to.  So that leaves my simple mind wide open on a somewhat barren landscape.  What little thought there is rolls through like tumbleweed.  If I were to photograph my mind it would be just that, a barren landscape with tumbleweed rolling.  Maybe, if you're lucky, and you wait long enough you'll get the shot of a wolf making its way through.
The heat broke today, and the rains came.  I got caught in a good downpour, and it was refreshing.  I like getting caught in the rain. 
I look over to evie, to see her writing, wonder what she's writing.  Maybe I could copy it.  Cheating on freewrites.
Two more minutes to go in this subjectless land.  Why did we even hve this as a topic?  This shows you -- what?  I don't know.  Not sure what else to say, had I something to say, I'd be sayin' it.
Well, that was a sad commentary!


  1. It shows that even with nothing to say you have imagery to present.

  2. Hi Barbara. Just a few more topic ideas. Deja vu. Holidays, like Christmas, Halloween. Summer vacation from school when you were a kid. "Gut feelings" - the kind that make you suddenly nervous about a place or situation. Things you dreaded as a child, or even now. Childhooh hopes and aspirations (example, what did you want to be when you grew up and how did that change through the years?) Favorite foods and what one dish brings you right back to your childhood?


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