Friday, July 13, 2012

57/365 whales

My friend, Jim... his mother sold scrimshaw, to his dismay, I remember him telling me.  Thick happy whale fat in decline.
I remember seeing the humpback whales in San Diego, off Point Loma.  Their huge backs rising from the water, and the mighty tales waving.  I was there with Jim then, too.  After the whales we went to the Lighthouse, where all of time stood still for me.
My camera fell and opened up, exposing all the film that day, but I still hve those pictures in my eyes, and a couple of true shots from a second roll of film I had on hand.  Didn't see those whales again, though.
I have super 8 movie film of the Beluga whales at the NY Aquarium.  My mother took the film, and caught some wonderful interaction between the two whales.  They were white, and appeared so soft.

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  1. Strange how people can think (or post) the same things. I just wrote about the fact that when I was showing platypus to my kids I never even thought to pick up my camera!

    We saw Humpback Whales of the coast of Northern Australia last week! Splendid thing to see.

    Stewart M - Australia


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