Sunday, September 2, 2012

108/365 newspapers

Time it was that I'd always treat myself to The Sunday New York Times.  It was something you could linger over for hours while in the local coffee house.  I enjoyed it fully.  When the coffee house closed down, and The Times got more expensive, I became less apt to buy the paper on sundays, until I finally stopped doing it at all.
I still check out the NY Times online, sometimes.  Not a bad source.
I remember coveting the funny papers in the sunday Daily News.
For the most part I've this inner feeling that newspapers aren't so good for your health.  They fill you with a lot of negativity.
I know there must be exceptions to this.  I remember journalists of the past who I so enjoyed reading.  Don't ask me the names, I could never remember.
I got a D in a journalism class back when I was too young to apply myself.  Sinful.

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