Wednesday, September 19, 2012

125/365 power

"All power corrupts absolutely."  I just learned this quote.
Power is seen in the corporate world, what with CEO's and all.  I have always been on the bottom rungs in corporate setting, always having to answer to the one above me, and them to the one above. too.
I have been in situations where the CEO called me in, and gave me $500 for going out of town for some reviews.  That was nice.
And then there are supernatural powers.  People who have ESP, and can predict things, or talk to spirits that have passed on.  I like to believe some of these people are authentic, but I just don't know.
I think self-empowerment is the best of all.  When you build yourself up, and set out to achieve whatever you want.
The Native Americans say women have special power.  So strong it can rob men of their power.  This power is strongest when a womn is on her moon.  I think that's why they won't let women in the sweat lodge during that time.

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