Thursday, September 27, 2012

133/365 magic

"That ol' black magic's got me in its spell."
When I think of magic I think of the card tricks I performed as a kid.  Today they'd be magic to me again, having forgotten how to do them.
There is the witch's magic.  Toil and boil.
Has anyone out there been put under a spell?
Ah, the spell of love, rendering you a silly goose, getting giddy over Chinese food, swooning at the touch of a kiss.  But sometimes magic really happens like that, and even continues to happen, in its way.
I remember dancing together.  Magic.
Jumping through a waterfall.  Magic.
Being around Logan.  Magic.

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  1. This post of yours conjures lovely memories of mine. My beloved and I have have a past and a future. Cheers. Love Linda.


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