Tuesday, September 11, 2012

117/365 UFO's

I have some experience with this subject.  I have seen things that go beyond explanation.  One odd event was this colored and animated swirl of light I saw out my window, way up in the sky.  I think it was orange.  Another shape of light appeared with it that was green.  These two shapes seemed to interact with each other.  I look through binoculars and saw them moving and then suddenly they moved as if being sucked up into the sky.  It was quite a sight.
Another time, me and my sister were driving home from upstate.  Dark highway, virtually no cars. My sister suddeny looked terrified for a moment.  What she saw she wouldn't say.  There was nothing around.  And then , in the reflection of the window I saw this thing, and it took me back.  It was a buildin of sorts with many levels.  But there were no cars or lights around to make this fleeting reflection.  Later, at home we both drew what we had seen, and it was the same thing.
My sister thinks I am from somewhere beyond earth.  I wonder if she's right.
I just don't fancy any abduction and probing, like I've read about.

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  1. Abduction and probing. Isn't that pretty much what we've been doing to every other creature we've come across ad infinitum? I've seen a couple of things I couldn't explain but nothing like you and your sister. I would love to have a close encounter of the third kind.


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