Sunday, September 9, 2012

115/365 color

I am thankful fo my eyes, and the ability to see color--though my blues and greens sort of blend together.
I love color photograpy when it's done well.  I hit the mark with my sunsets, but that's an easy one for good color.  I cannot think of any of my photos where the color is striking and distinct.  It's not an easy thing to capture.
Watercolors -- I prefer mine in vibrant splashes of red and orange.
The tips of so many artist's paintbrushes, filled with oils or acrylics -- ready to make a mark.
Blue Guitar -- there must be a Picasso by that name -- he did so many guitars.
Every night I keep a look out for that kind of sky you just have to take a picture of.  First I soak it up for a few moments in my eyes, and then I click the shutter, and make the picture.


  1. I have been having days lately where all color is washed to a shade of gray, not dark, not light just various shades of in between.

    1. Oh man, I am sorry to hear that,Mark.


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