Tuesday, September 4, 2012

110/365 sculpture

Young Bird, by Brancusi
 Here is Brancusi's Young Bird, so stout with a hint of a beak, sculpted so beautifully.  I enjoy sculpture.  Things that can be made out of almost any material.
I cannot recall the names of the sculptors, unfortunately, except for Rodin, maybe.
When I was in collge I took a couple of sculpture classes.  My professor's name was Schlemowitz.  A good teacher, I remember.  I scupted with plaster of pais.  Made a sculpture I wish I had a picture of today.  It had a hole going through it, and was sort of caverness.
I loved taking the mallet and the chisel and finding shapes inside the plaster.  I still have my mallet and chisel, though its been some thirty years or more since using them.

more Brancusi
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