Tuesday, September 25, 2012

131/365 California

All I know of California is San Diego, but I have always had magical times when I was there.  A transformation would come over me, and my inner beauty shone outwards.  The abundance of laughter and talk with a friend, and more than one flirtation with California men.  Trekking in Cuyamaca, hearing spirits in the mountain.  Driving along the coast and gathering Pacific water in a little vial for a souvenir.

Canalily, from Evie's garden in National City, San Diego


  1. San Diego was my fist experience of Southern California--the beaches were the best then I left and saw the difference between there and the other end of the concrete. LA now there was the one city in America I did not like.

  2. Exquisite photo ~ lovely flower ~ (A Creative Harbor)

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