Sunday, September 30, 2012

136/365 menopause

The stages are thus in life, that a closing down of sorts is bound to happen.  For a woman, that is the end of her child bearing years.  This ending, that isn't entered into lightly, can be a difficult time for a woman.  So much of her identification was wrapped up in it.
Time passes though.  For me it was in my early 50's, and this seems to be the average age for menopause.  There were the obligatory hot flashes, just like you've heard about.  And for me, it was like being pre-menstrual for six months or so.  Always getting annoyed by things, wanting to rip your skin off -- real fun.
I was living with Jorma during this time, and finding fault with everything, when in fact I wanted to be cultivating our relationship.  But that sure wasn't going to happen with the state I was in.


  1. very honest Barbara....thank-you for sharing your experience...

  2. Been there. Gone through it with someone. Never going back.


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