Thursday, September 13, 2012

119/365 the beach

Lay your blanket down close to the water, take your clothes off untill you're just in you bathing suit.  Hide your wallet in your shoe.  Now walk down to the shore line, and feel the wet sand in your toes, the bubbly water combing them.
Walk deeper into the water, and just about when you reach your knees, your body bunches up, ready to face the cold surf, and you dive in.  Feel the cold against you, which gradually becomes refreshing, and you pop out of the water, shaking your head and smiling.
This is what is was like each time I've gone to the beach.  I spent most of my time in the water.  Brighton beach, the Rockaways, Jones Beach, South beach, Coronado beach. 
Some, like the Rockaways, have enormous wave that will knock you over and almost before you have time to breath, another wave will catch you again.
Then came the time, laying on the blanket, soaking up the sun, slathered in Bain de Soleil.  A rich tan glowing on your body.
When I left the beach, spent from the day, my hair would dry in tiny ringlets -- a style I loved but could only be attained after going to the beach.

the beach at Coney Island

pure love (Melissa and Logan)

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  1. Ot at sea one day the Cap'n decided we had been working too hard, so he posted shark watch and let us swim...I checked the charts later, it was 1600 fathoms of water. I did not try to touch the bottom.


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