Monday, September 10, 2012

116/365 music - Keith Jarrett, The Koln Concert

Those beginning notes come down like raindrops on the air.  The sweet melody of double tones come through and the piano starts to sing, and goes back to a lamenting passage.  The keystrokes can make you cry - a plaintive in the sound of the wind.
I remember listening to this a thousand times over the years.  In the house in National City, where dream were made/rolling around on wooden floors while these notes played on.  Or by myself, just lost in reverie.
Jarrett cries out with his music, so swept up is he.  The piano does his bidding.

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  1. Thanks for posting... Keith Jarrett is most definitely a poet on the piano. If you ask me, he's one of the most inspiring musical personalities of the 20th century.


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